Ringing JOBS-Telecom Sector

The Telecom sector is growing at a rapid pace and requires professionals at all levels.

Telecom sector, service providers like Bharti Airtel and Vodafone are consolidating to cut operational costs. On its infrastructure side, though the revenues for players are dipping due to increased teledensity, from about 25 per cent to more than 55 per cent, resulting in revenue loss per user and revenue decline per minute, expansion is providing the lifeline.

“Bharti Telecom has just entered South African market and other players are expanding in rural areas,” says Anand. And this translates into increased employment. “So the top line growth exists,” Anand assures.

According to E Balaji, MD & CEO, MaFoi Randstad, the primary cause of the exponential growth in the sector is because the underlying technology changed and the newer one was much more attractive that the older one. In basic telephony not much growth is expected because technology has migrated to the mobile sector, he says.

Additionally, notwithstanding the recent imbroglio with respect to 2G spectrum allocation, the entry of new players into the telecom sector like Uninor, Videocon, and the consolidation by Idea, Tata Telecom and Reliance, opportunities at the operations is quite high in the sector.

The rise in new technologies like 3G would usher in a range of new users and consequently servicing them would give rise to new employment opportunities says Nita Barmar, CEO, Eon Advisory, a recruiting firm focussing on high-tech sectors.

Another vertical which will see explosive growth is the Inteet and mobile access. As penetration levels in India are barely 5-6 percent, which are miniscule as compared to 25-30 percent in any noteworthy country, including China, this sector will definitely be a storehouse of jobs in the coming years. This fact, coupled with the rising disposable incomes and steady reduction in prices, will lead to more and more people owning different gadgets and getting Inteet connectivity says Oberoi.

Where are the jobs?

Marketing and customer service have the maximum number of opportunities in this sector. It is a high customer-oriented sector says Kris Lakskhmikant. With number portability coming into play, companies need to ramp up fast their customer service teams and accordingly, there will be a fantastic rise in jobs in this domain, he asserts. Moreover, roll out operations and maintenance are also domains which will see recruitment activity, according to Barmar.

Where are the skills?

In operations, domain knowledge is the core requirement. Programmes like B.Tech in telecommunications, B.Tech (Information Technology) and MBA (Telecom) are programmes that would easily get you a job in the sector. Customer Management skills are also in high demand. Though ordinary graduates whose communication and interpersonal skills are above average could enter into marketing and customer service, it makes much more career sense if you have an MBA before you begin working in the sector.

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