About us

Our mission is to beat unemployment entirely and to put the right person on the right JOB. We are on the way to spread globally and to fill the available positions by skilled PROFESSIONALS.
Professional organizations teamed with competent, committed, qualified and experienced personnel in various field like.
Why Jobkendra
We maintain a pool of qualified and experienced manpower, which can be arranged at a very short notice. You are sure to get a steady supply of manpower with basic training. Thus time losses are minimal. Even in the event of leaving of the job, a replacement is arranged immediately, so that time and money is saved. All the benefits accrue to you at a competitive price, easing out your cash flow pressures.

* Providing professional services to our clients in a cost effective manner.

* Add value at every stage of operation, to the advantage of client.

* Adhere to quality, service, delivery and time schedule while meeting client’s requirements.

Our Vision
Our vision is to endow with skilled, competitive industry oriented manpower to the recruiters. We plan to cater all the industries areas with best professionals and a wide range of job seekers to select the best one for them. We have the vision to grow globally at a very fast pace.


Quality Policy

We do not compromise with quality policy; we filter the job seekers as per the requirement of recruiters provide “RIGHT PERSON IN THE RIGHT PLACE”.


Our Strategy

We screen the Job Seekers as per the required skills, help them to create an effective resume, equipped them with interview tips before Interview.


Our Approach

We work closely with clients to determine the exact qualifications and skills needed in a prospect, and we interview candidates extensively to ensure their experience and needs are appropriate for the job and culture offered by our clients.


Our Areas

We provide consultancy and training for job seekers and equipped them to best suited for the industry demands.


We believe in

Improved retention of the talent is possible through the right work culture, practices and HR policies.
We believe in true partnership between Employer and employee, so that solutions are identified and delivered with an equal understanding of risks and benefits.

Cost Saving

Credential Verification

Cost of wrong hiring to the companies is more than the cost of not filling up the positions.

We strongly believe that the right person in the right job always helps build a productive culture in the company. We provide effective credential verification services to the companies depending on their requirements, which help them to avoid the costs of wrong hiring.

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